Jay Healey Teaching Session

Join us for a collaborative dialogue around questions that matter to our teaching, our world, and our lives. This plenary session uses small-group conversations to share our collective knowledge, build relationships, and shape our futures as individuals and as a community of health law professors. This session is for everyone—new teachers, mid-career, and more experienced teachers.

Polarizing topics and strongly-held beliefs are now, as ever, embedded in health law and reflected in debates about it. Through presentations and small-group discussions, participants will explore the following questions:

  • How do we foster an atmosphere of trust in the classroom, in which we can also guide students to build their skills in persuasion and argumentation, which naturally must account for a skeptical audience’s views?
  • How can we structure our syllabi and class discussions to foster constructive conflict, encourage meaningful exchanges of perspectives, and still achieve the knowledge transfer that our courses demand and the respect for facts and expertise that our disciplines require?

Teaching Resources

SLU Law Health Law, Bioethics, and Public Health Law Teaching Resource Bank 

Please share your syllabi, problems, assessment tools (including exams), PowerPoints, video and audio presentations, and other teaching materials with the health law teaching community through the SLU Health Law, Bioethics, and Public Health Law Teaching Resource Bank by emailing them to Abigail Allred at resourcebank@slu.edu (you can also use this email to request access). The Teaching Resource Bank is a restricted access web-based file-sharing site maintained by Saint Louis University Center for Health Law Studies in cooperation with ASLME and various AALS sections. It allows those who teach health law and related courses to share teaching materials without sharing them with the whole world or next year’s students.