Saint Louis University Center for Health Law Studies: The Teaching Resource Bank

Dear Colleagues,

The Teaching Resource Bank is a private, restricted access web-based file-sharing site for those who teach health law, bioethics, public health law, and related courses. The site allows the health law and bioethics teaching community to share syllabi, problems, PowerPoints, exams, and other materials without sharing them with the whole world or next year’s students.

Saint Louis University School of Law Center for Health Law Studies maintains the Health Law Teaching Resource Bank in partnership with the AALS Section on Law and Medicine and ASLME.

To request access to the Teaching Resource Bank, please email Abigail Allred at You will receive an email invitation containing a unique link and a prompt for a security code provided through a separate email (check your junk or spam folders if the security code email does not appear promptly). The unique link and security code allow you, and only you, to access the bank.

Please contribute to the Teacher Resource Bank. The selection and quality of the Teaching Resource Bank depends on you, so please send us your recent course materials. We are particularly in need of materials from 2023-2024. Send syllabi, exams, and other teaching materials as an email attachment to Abigail Allred at When you submit material to the Teaching Resource Bank, you confirm that the submission does not violate other parties’ copyright or proprietary rights.

For more information, please contract Abigail Allred at or me at the email address below.

Kelly Gillespie

Professor of Law

Center for Health Law Studies

Saint Louis University School of Law

100 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63101

314-977-3067 /// @SLU_HealthLaw