Cameron Salehi

University of California, Los Angeles

Cameron Salehi is the Vice President of Development at Avicenna Next, Inc. — a healthcare consulting, research, and development group – and a second-year executive program graduate student pursuing his Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management at UCLA. With over three years of experience in community health advocacy, workforce development, and project management, he is passionate about empowering and supporting frontline public health workers in meeting the complex health needs of disadvantaged communities. Since 2020, he has worked closely with Community Health Workers (CHWs) in several projects to further develop the workforce and improve CHWs’ capacities in tackling health inequities and addressing social determinants of health in California and beyond. Cameron’s work has supported the creation of a comprehensive training curriculum aimed at providing at-risk youth with career opportunities as CHWs, the design and evaluation of a CDC-funded CHW program serving American Indian/Alaska Native communities, and the creation and management of a CHW training and community engagement program for resilience against adverse health effects of climate change. Cameron also served as a founding member of the California CHW Community of Practice which later formed the California Association of CHWs.

Presentation (PPTX format): An Adaptable Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum Module on Utilization of Community Health Workers to Advance Community-Centric Health Laws and Policies