Clark Hobson

University of Leicester Law School

Clark Hobson is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Leicester, having previously been a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham. He has also been a visiting scholar at McGill University, and the University of Virginia. His main research interests lie in the crossover between jurisprudence and ethics. He is particularly interested in analysing judicial decision-making in cases with an inherent ethical content, as seen with recent commentaries on significant assisted dying and informed consent cases in the United Kingdom. He is currently looking at whether the concepts of judicial responsibility and legality can detail a better relationship between Parliament and the judiciary in ethically sensitive assisted dying issues in the United Kingdom, as well as the way in which human rights frameworks within the United Kingdom preclude consideration of existentialist concepts and concerns as they relate to the legalisation of assisted dying.

Presentation (PPTX format): Assisted Suicide in the United Kingdom: Can a Human Rights Framework Deal with Freedom-Towards-Death?