Dominique Mollet

University of Groningen

Dominique Mollet, LLM is a PhD candidate at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission (Ispra, Italy) and the Faculty of Law, University of Groningen (the Netherlands). Her dissertation focuses on the role of law in the protection and improvement of child oral health, particularly the prevention and management of dental caries. Her research focus therefore covers public health law, human rights law (particularly the right to health and the right to food), European Union law related to the regulation of food products and the incorporation of scientific findings into legal research. As a legal researcher, she works in multidisciplinary teams, with dental researchers, nutrition scientists, health economists, medical doctors and fellow (health) lawyers, and she aspires to bridge gaps between law and science. At the Joint Research Centre, which provides independent, evidence-based knowledge and science, supporting EU policies to positively impact society, she focuses on questions of the connection between science and law, particularly related to legislation on sugars. She has a background in Public International Law, European Economic Law and International Relations.