Heather Walter-McCabe

Louis University School of Law

Heather Walter-McCabe is an Associate Professor at Saint Louis University Law School, where her research examines policy mechanisms for advancing health equity at the intersection of law, social work, and public health. Her research focuses on sexual orientation and gender identity as she leads a legal epidemiology project analyzing state policies that contribute to the health outcomes of LGBTQ communities.

Her work examining the impact of policy on health disparities in LGBTQ communities has been published in Creighton Law Review, Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy, the Journal of Healthcare Law & Policy, and the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics. She has also published in numerous peer-reviewed journals as part of her commitment to translating complex legal issues and research findings across multiple professions to make the information accessible for use by practitioners and advocates in improving population health. She holds a JD/MSW from Indiana University.