Louise Austin

University of Leicester

Louise Austin is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Leicester in England, where she teaches medical law and tort law. She is a member of the University’s Centre for Rights and Equality in Health Law and her research focuses on informed consent to medical treatment. Louise’s interest in informed consent originated in her previous work as a clinical negligence solicitor. Louise is co-editing with Professor Jose Miola (University of Leicester) a collection titled ‘Research Handbook on Medical Consent’. She is also working on a monograph titled ‘Informed Consent in Medical Ethics, Regulation, and the Law: A Unified Model’. The monograph incorporates an extensive analysis of English case law and fitness to practice decisions concerning informed consent. Together with colleagues in Leicester and Bristol, she is also developing a research project exploring the understanding of childbirth options in maternity care. Louise is also an Editor of Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports.

Presentation (PPTX format): The UK’s Double-Standard when Disclosing Medical Information