Michael S. Sinha

Saint Louis University School of Law

Assistant Professor Michael S. Sinha has a background in law, medicine, and public health. Prior to coming to SLU LAW, he served in various research and teaching roles at Harvard Medical School, Northeastern University School of Law, and Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Originally from St. Louis, Dr. Sinha completed his undergraduate degree in biophysical chemistry from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire before returning to St. Louis to conduct research in medical oncology at Washington University School of Medicine. He then completed a combined M.D./J.D. program at Southern Illinois University and trained in internal medicine in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

During his clinical training, Dr. Sinha earned an M.P.H. in Law and Public Health from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. While in Boston, he renewed his focus on health law research and scholarship with fellowships at the Program On Regulation, Therapeutics, And Law (PORTAL) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science at Harvard Medical School. He continues as Affiliated Faculty at PORTAL and is a Core Partner at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL) at the University of Copenhagen.

He joined the faculty at SLU LAW in 2022.