Pricila H. Mullachery

Temple University College of Public Health

Dr. Pricila Mullachery is an interdisciplinary scholar with a background in health disparities, policy analysis, and causal inference. Her research is focused on the effect of laws and policies on health outcomes among disadvantaged populations. She is particularly interested in elucidating the mechanisms by which policies may mitigate or exacerbate existing health disparities. Her research on disparities includes complex public health issues related to the opioid epidemic, the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases, and COVID-19.

Dr. Mullachery received a PhD in public health policy from New York University and completed postdoctoral training in social epidemiology and urban health at Drexel University School of Public Health. Dr. Mullachery also received an MPH from NYU and a dental surgery degree from the University of Pernambuco, Brazil.