Alice Setrini

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Professor Setrini is a clinical teaching fellow at Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Health Justice Project. She came to higher education from a career in direct civil legal services, most recently as the manager of Legal Aid Chicago’s Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP) Project. Setrini is a first-generation Latinx American who focuses on interdisciplinary mechanisms to address social drivers of health and dismantle the structures that keep people living in poverty. 

Setrini has engaged with a wide range of medical partners in the course of her work with MLPs, from federally qualified health centers, to large safety net health systems. Prior to her experience with MLPs, Setrini worked as a staff attorney at Legal Aid Chicago, representing clients in civil legal practice, and focusing her legal advocacy through a racial justice lens. Her research focuses at this intersection of racial justice practice and interdisciplinary advocacy models to achieve health equity. 

Setrini received her BA and her JD from Northwestern University.​