Jamie R. Abrams

American University Washington College of Law

Jamie R. Abrams is a Professor of Law and the Director of Legal Rhetoric at the American University Washington College of Law. She teaches in the areas of Torts, Family Law, and Legal Research & Writing. Her research focuses on reproductive and birthing decision-making, gendered violence, and legal education pedagogy. She is the author of works such as Inclusive Socratic Teaching: Why Law Schools Need it and How to Achieve it (2024), Mapping the Rhetorical Shifts in Abortion Advocacy, __ Missouri L. Rev. __ (2024) (co-author Amanda Potts), Reevaluating Regional Law Reform Strategies After Dobbs, 14 ConLawNOW 131 (2023), Liability in Reproduction and Birth, in Laws of Medicine – Core Legal Aspects for the Healthcare Professional (Springer Publishing 2022), Tort Law Simulations:  Bridge to Practice Series (2020), The Illusion of Autonomy in Women’s Medical Decision-Making, 42 Florida State L. Rev. 17 (2015), and Distorted and Diminished Tort Claims for Women, 34 Cardozo L. Rev. 1955 (2013). She was recently awarded the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Teaching & Learning.  

Presentation (PPTX format): Mapping the Rhetorical Shifts in Abortion Rights Amici Activity from Roe to Dobbs to Chart a Path Forward