Jennifer K. Wagner

Penn State University

Jennifer K. Wagner, J.D., Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Law, Policy, & Engineering and Anthropology at Penn State University. In addition to her primary appointment in the School of Engineering Design and Innovation, Dr. Wagner is affiliated with the Institute for Computational and Data Science, Penn State Law, Rock Ethics Institute, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences as well as a licensed attorney practicing part-time. Prior to joining Penn State, Dr. Wagner conducted ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) research at two NHGRI-funded Centers for Excellence in ELSI Research (at Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania) and later at Geisinger’s Center for Translational Bioethics & Health Care Policy, where she contributed to two precision health initiatives: the MyCode Community Health Initiative and the NIH All of Us Research Program. She served as a AAAS Science & Engineering Congressional Fellow in U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey’s office, and her work has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court. Dr. Wagner is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee as well as an associate editor for Human Genetics and Genomics Advances. Dr. Wagner’s anthroengineering research focuses on the international human right to science, including human-centered design and matters of privacy, nondiscrimination, and equity with genetic/omic and other health technologies.